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The Title Of This Book Is An Inside Joke

Sophia Katz

104 pages
Cover design: Sophia Katz
ISBN 9780993946424
Spring 2015

I am a piece of shit genius and
I don't know what to do

The Title Of This Book Is An Inside Joke isn’t quite a collection of poems, a novella or a diary, but something in between. Sophia Katz’s debut collection unfolds in a kind of real-time intimacy, through contemporary narratives that are at times funny, at times heart-breaking, and filled with interesting observations, brutal honesty and quick wit. A wonderful and totally engrossing reading experience.


“Seems very: internet, of the Zeitgeist, stream of consciousness, #based, etc. I’m not mad at it.”
Kool A.D., musician, rapper, author, and artist

“i enjoyed this book a lot. some of my favorite lines:  ‘I wish I could drink this bottle of Febreze sleep serenity’, ‘There is a finite amount of money….’, ‘It takes so much longer to become 3 digits of age than it does to reach 2.’ and ‘I will never see my face in the flesh, only it’s replication.’”
Tao Lin, author of Tai Pei


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The Minotaur’s Spotlight – “Katz succeeds in expressing the contemporary throughout The Title of this Book is an Inside Joke. From including the reality of drug abuse, Macbooks, a poem devoted to what’s in her BPA free water bottle, the film The Room and its actors, Netflix, G chat, composer Nicolas Jaar and his collaboration project Darkside, and Boiler Room DJ sets.”

Largehearted Boy – “A witty, intimate experience of contemporary malaise.”

Love or its Oppposite – “Sophia Katz’s printed debut is a collection of short prose, chronologically displayed as in a private blog, that evolves into poems depicting the conflict between isolation and social interaction.

Cutty Spot – Interview (Video)

Probably Crying Review – “Through sarcasm, frankness and overall badassery, Sophia Katz has put together a book of poems and stories that can only feel genuine.”


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Sophia Katz

Sophia Katz (b. 1994) is a musician, writer, and media artist living in Toronto, Ontario.