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39 pages
Cover art: Jack Dylan
ISBN 9780993617447
Spring 2014

I like intensities. Fury of the impulses. It has nothing to do with a job because I don’t earn money with it. I just end up knowing what the world is like. I just wanted to look. I’m going to stop because it’s Saturday.

Interviews consists of three fictional, posthumous interviews with authors beyond the grave: Clarice Lispector, W.G Sebald, and Jean Rhys. Subjects include history, time, decay, the elusive ‘I’, the tyranny of men, fish, obscurity, the you-me, the IT, constellations, etc. Interviews also includes an interview between twin brothers who never existed but who nevertheless discuss the plight of the hopeless empath.

Laura Broadbent

Laura Broadbent’s first book  Oh There You Are I Can’t See You Is It Raining? won the 2012 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. She published the chapbook  Interviews with Metatron Press in 2016, and In On the Great Joke (Coach House) in 2016.