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Our next happening will be in Montreal on the very magical day of 11:11 and will feature visiting NYC poets…
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RT @Shazia_R: Hi friends! This is my first book, Port of Being, @invisibooks! I've been changed in writing this little book and I hope thes…
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RT @Tawahum: Yo I made the cut from the shortlist back in March! Metatron Press wants to publish my poetry book, "Personal and Political"!!!
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We can’t sit on this exciting news! We just accepted Tawahum Justin Bige’s manuscript for publication in Spring 201…
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OMEGA | Jade Quinn
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Jade Quinn

05 Nov Jade Quinn




prophecy exists
for the opportunity
to change fate
and hold your
middle fingers high
to destiny

the heart
requires urgency

he awoken in me
the ability to give words
to my desires
even in silencing me,
a poet condemned
for her manner of

too soon, he said
too soon






his seams sewn tight
double stitched like
the meals we go dutch on

a girl hand-wrote, “you like
the arches of my feet,”
in a pocket poet howl
covered in water color:
a passing thought: what
does she think now?

entering the room,
he found me crouched
in front of a bookshelf
and he froze

my head full of
his short sentences
eye contact more
glare than adoration

let the fractures
seep to the marrow

tug at the seams while
my affections grow dusty

invite him to play
with my insides
but he backs away
so stealthily




Jade Quinn is a poet, essayist, screenwriter, and art model. A graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, she currently resides in Los Angeles where she is a homelessness advocate in the Skid Row community. Her writing and photography has been featured in fields magazine, The Lune, HEAVY ATHLETICS, and more.

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