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Our next happening will be in Montreal on the very magical day of 11:11 and will feature visiting NYC poets…
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RT @Shazia_R: Hi friends! This is my first book, Port of Being, @invisibooks! I've been changed in writing this little book and I hope thes…
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RT @Tawahum: Yo I made the cut from the shortlist back in March! Metatron Press wants to publish my poetry book, "Personal and Political"!!!
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We can’t sit on this exciting news! We just accepted Tawahum Justin Bige’s manuscript for publication in Spring 201…
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OMEGA | Jonathan Aprea
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Jonathan Aprea

17 Nov Jonathan Aprea



He is guided by the jaw in his body
whether it whistles, or is clenched,
or is poised in anticipation of speaking.
During the day he walks slowly,
conducting his force into the ground
with a purpose to satisfy the jaw’s need
for certainty and composure.
At night in bed, mediating the interval
between awareness and sleep, he places
his hand over the jaw, outlining its lips
with the detached motion of his hand,
laying his hand’s palm against the angle
of its bone, pretending to himself
it is a person, or sometimes a young child,
anything whose eyes he can find
and then plead with for control.


Jonathan Aprea is a writer and a photographer living in New York. You can find him on the web at

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