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RT @meaganmasterman: "Every woman a political prisoner." - Diane DiPrima.
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RT @meaganmasterman: Been thinking about this quote constantly since the @metatronpress reading of "Revolutionary Letters" more than a year…
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RT @metatronpress: 🔸We are (gasp!)… HIRING!🔸 Metatron Press is seeking a part-time Publishing Assistant for a 10-month-long contract. Appl…
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RT @micaela_poetry: she’s a 10 but also a poet
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OMEGA | Ashley Opheim
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Author: Ashley Opheim

Miles Preston-Clark

My mother calls but I am afraid to answer because she will ask me if I want to fold sweaters for the rest of my life and all I will be able bring myself to say is that somebody has to do it....

Catch Business

closing my eyes i see everyone i’ve met online doing their own thing in their own lives the details...

Laura Buccieri

you have to get the referral you have to get the referral in person you have to get the referral in person from a doctor you have to get the referral in person from a doctor that has never met you...

Ruby Brunton

wear less black wear more black wear more makeup wear less makeup turn that frown upside down...

Neil Surkan

The morning started very orange. The mountains clenched black and singular and hard against the sky. ...

Zen Shwery

We try to make sense out of the no pretense While splashing out the slush of life Into the streets of choices and chance...

June Gehringer

I watched myself killing myself and I wasn’t sure who to blame. ...

Zoe Blair-Schlagenhauf

when we lay in bed i’ll whisper sweet pet names to you like “styrofoam” and “cellophane” because our love is cheap, but everlasting....

Jordan Castro

He opens his eyes. He stares at Kevin’s face. “Stant you, bunty. Stant,” he says. He pets Kevin and sighs. It feels like prayer....