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A Little Death Around the Heart

Marie Darsigny

40 pages
Cover design: Anjela Freyja
ISBN 9780993617492
Fall 2014

Tell me lies Tell
me sweet little lies

Marie Darsigny’s debut is scrappy and sentimental, sharp around the edges yet as frightfully catchy as the saccharine song lyrics snaking their way through her poetry. A Little Death Around the Heart mythologizes the most embarrassing, raw-nerve years of ones life. Brimming with cultural signifiers as dead as Myspace, as 90s as Angel perfume, and as New Wave as a Godard film, A Little Death Around the Heart collects the bric-a-brac of contemporaneity, managing to amass something cohesive, crooked, obsessive, and a lot like love.


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Marie Darsigny

Marie Darsigny is an artist and poet from Montreal and the founder of Filles Missiles. She studied creative writing at Concordia University (BA) and at Université du Québec à Montréal (MA). She is the author de Encore (2023), Trente (2018), Filles (2017), A Little Death Around the Heart (2014).