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For a Poet


Limited Edition
Gildan Ultra-Cotton
Designed by Dottie.IMAX
Produced by Private Press Printing

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

‘For a Poet’ is a shirt devoted to poets designed in collaboration with Dottie.IMAX.

We designed this shirt together with poetry and transformation in mind. We ended up with this image of a poet, portrayed as an angel, holding up the heavy rock of society.

Metatron Press is named after a shape in sacred geometry called Metatron’s Cube (represented on the shirt via the platonic solids), but Metatron is also the name of an archangel. Metatron, as legend has it, was a loyal scribe to God and thus given archangel status, the only mortal to be given this honour. We think poets and poetry have always offered this gesture to the world and to society: of being scribes for each other, ourselves, and the earth, and of holding the heart of it all in our tender talons.

Not unlike the transformation of caterpillar into butterfly, as represented on this shirt, the poet transforms the weight of society into many glimmering diamonds, deriving fractals of meaning from a senseless yet infinitely inspiring world. This is our ode to poetry; For a Poet.