Little Fury, Casey Bell’s debut fiction collection, is now available for pre-order!

The characters of Little Fury yearn for hope in the rubble of a broken world. Suspended between the real and surreal, Bell’s debut lingers in the slippery in-between of dreaming and waking, voicelessness and uproar, longing and belonging.



Little Fury is a smart, unsettling marvel of feminist fabulism.”
— Leni Zumas author of Red Clocks

Little Fury captures the lives of its finely drawn characters with a sensitive vitality akin to the short stories of Lucia Berlin. Bell’s prose is filled with a fragrant heat that makes even the most ordinary of circumstances striking. An evocative, pleasurable debut.”
— Marlowe Granados, author of Happy Hour

“These luminous stories delve into the ambivalences of contemporary womanhood, offering not only fierce portraits of loneliness and want, but also surprising possibilities for new modes of communion.”
— Claire Stanford, author of Happy for You

Little Fury explores longings of both flesh and spirit, offering glimpses of what it’s like to be free from patriarchy, what it’s like to be truly free. Bell is a furiously talented, visionary writer; her stories leave me breathless, leave me believing we can make a better world.”
— Gayle Brandeis, author of Drawing Breath

“These impassioned stories are viscerally angry, heartrendingly sad, and mordantly funny—often all at once—and told in fierce, controlled, gorgeous prose.”
— Christopher Coake, author of You Would Have Told Me Not To