Trynne Delaney took home the Quebec Writers’ Federation’s First Book Prize for the half-drowned, their debut with us!

Here is what the jury had to say:

the half-drowned is a crystalline snapshot of a dystopia shaped by a toxic sea and the ghosts of whatever came before. Steeped in Black history and diasporic culture, the novella presents a poetic rumination on survival, grief, and longing, framing the strength that it takes to persevere in any dying world.

Delaney’s prose is sharp and experimental, yet the quality of the narrative is never sacrificed for the sake of stylistic exploration. the half-drowned is incredibly robust in its stylistic sojourns and infinitely flexible in its emotional consideration.

I have rarely seen a book with such fierce discourse and narrative integrity.”

We would like to express our thanks and offer our gratitude to those that made this book possible: Shazia Hafiz Ramji (editor), Sidney Masuga (cover art), Kaiya Smith Blackburn (copyeditor), the Canada Council for the Arts (funders), and the QWF.