GLYPHÖRIA, our new web-based platform for multidisciplinary poetry, will launch in June 2023! With special issues by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch, Jay Ritchie, Ali Pinkney, Brad Casey, Klara du Plessis and Alasdair Rees, submissions are open until January 1, 2023.

GLYPHÖRIA is a literary cyber environment designed to optimize the emotional gravity of poetry online through the exhibiting of contemporary multidisciplinary poetry. How do we mark poetry upon the pixelated walls of the internet in new ways? What if there were a space where traditional and contemporary publishing could seamlessly co-exist, merge, and cross-fertilize to inspire a new generation of literary art forms? If traditional poetry imagined itself on walls, or in print, on paper, bound ~ GLYPHORIA imagines itself as exploring the marking of meaning and presence on ephemeral digitalia. Via a series of guest-edited issues, GLYPHORIA will fuse multimedia poiesis within a living archive of glyphilic poiesis, orchestrating an immersive conversation between various forms and formats. Inspired by the glyph, the most ancient form of written communication, GLYPHORIA reimagines how we publish, share literature and pollinate digital chasms in the 21st century. It is our hope to engage poetry in its current iterations~ influenced and created within the technological age, its pixels and echos and glitches. Together we will bring collaborative poiesis and emotional gravity to our ambient networks and clouds.