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RT @metatronpress: 👀 We will be announcing the WINNER of The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors later this week! 👀
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- 6 hours ago

👀 We will be announcing the WINNER of The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors later this week! 👀
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- 6 hours ago

RT @metatronpress: 💕 We will be at #AWP19! You can find us at the Virtual Pathways event feat. @ashleyobscura @Shazia_R @saguarohugger @ama…
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RT @yyzachary: today is the last day to send your (Your, specifically) poems in for the spring issue of @thepuritan; always esp. looking fo…
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RT @oscardartois: friend at karaoke just asked if ‘blue da ba dee’ was by maggie nelson
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Gabrielle Lessans

lightening like a cob web among tired blades of grass & bits of dew...

June Gehringer

we wrote our love with safety pins, drew crooked constellations at each other’s edges....

Natasha Young

We were sitting outside on blankets drinking mushroom tea and my scraggly haired baby compassionately touched my ankle and knee while he was talking to my friends for me and I liked how he made me feel included...

katherine anne

if i let you in you will wear me out i grew tired of love once ...

Mitchell King

So she’s gone. So I can’t handle it. So everyone has their missing person. ...

Roisin Dunnett

I ask the man behind the counter if I can pay for the plum tomorrow. I buy one from him almost every day, so he tells me yes....

Suzanna Derewicz

I wanted you to learn to read the kind of caution the girl takes in every book I have ever given you or written myself into....

Julia Wohlstetter

I stamped myself with Femininity and bought a new comforter. I bought six plants, and a snake shaped bracelet, and a pineapple lamp....

a.m. kozak

she tries to talk to me in memes but i dno what that means. ...

Jeanette Beebe

The ground is a tissue. It absorbs. And light is a thing we’ve made. A wave — it passes ...

Mary Moore Dalton

maybe if i stop regarding myself as a disaster something different will happen...

Laura Degroot

you have a silver and blue shining face. a stream of light from a nearby star rebounds off the moon, turning and making its way toward you....